Top Three Super Smoothie Surprises

I remember the first time I tasted an acai bowl: a sweltering day in Singapore that was mainly spend in air conditioned places with my best friend, who was excited to introduce me to Project Acai, especially as she knows I love any type of berry or smoothie or even better, both combined! After my first bite I was hooked but there was an inevitable dilemma – where could I find this in Malaysia? Slowly but surely, smoothie bowls are becoming popular in Malaysia, which means more establishments offer this delicious and healthy creation. Here is my list of favorite smoothie  bowls that can be found in Kuala Lumpur:

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  • Impressed, Nu Sentral

What To Order: Acai Bowl or whatever you fancy

Why: Impressed would have to be my favorite smoothie bowl experience thus far simply because of the fact that this is what they specialize in; there are a wide variety of smoothie bowls to choose from (Mango Tango is my favorite as I have a weak spot for mango) and even more choices for toppings (from buckwheat to pumpkin seeds to goji berries to sugarless peanut butter to extra mangos and so on and so forth) – if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create your own smoothie bowl! The portions are also well worth the price, especially as some places charge the same (or higher) albeit the fact that their bowls are smaller. The texture of the smoothie paste is consistent, unlike other places where the fruits are still frozen or not blended, and the taste is refreshing with a hint of crunch as the coconut flakes or buckwheat compliment the softness of the fruits

Overall Flavours: Excellent

Portion: Expect an above medium sized bowl

Staff Efficiency: Average

Ambiance: Average – with two tables located in a corner of the shop, the seats may fill up fast but considering the smoothie bowls are served securely packed, you can always eat them elsewhere!

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 – RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 – RM60)

Additional Information: The cold pressed juices offered are also worth a try


  • Rubberduck, Plaza Damas

What To Order: Sunshine Bowl

Why: Although there are only two options to choose from, the smoothie bowls are made with love and will have your tongue dancing with flavours! The consistency of the mango paste is subtle but present whereas the roasted flavour of the coconut flakes go together perfectly with the fresh fruits and granola

Overall Flavours: Excellent

Portion: Expect an above medium sized bowl

Staff Efficiency: Excellent

Ambiance: Good – although not air conditioned and located under shades instead, the ambiance of this establishment is vibrant, especially as their fluorescent Rubberduck sign is undeniable to miss

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 – RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 – RM60)

Additional Information: The chocolate beetroot cake is phenomenal


  • Goodness Greens Cafe by La Juiceria 

What To Order: Acai Bowl

Why: This restaurant would be one of the only others in Kuala Lumpur to offer an acai bowl! Although the bowl may not be as filling or as packed with toppings as others, the flavours are simple and evident with every bite; the raw cacao nibs offer an indulgent aspect, while blending perfectly together with the strawberries and smoothie base – an almost classic taste, really. La Juiceria started off with cold pressed juices so do give those a try while waiting for your meal

Overall Flavours: Good

Portion: Expect a small sized bowl

Staff Efficiency: Good

Ambiance: Good – the interiors consist of sleek lines, wooden accents and bright colours

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 – RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 – RM60)

Additional Information: I didn’t take photos both times I had the acai bowl as I didn’t eat in and was rushing to a writing workshop that’s almost next door – if you’re interested, we meet at Grumpy Cyclist every Wednesday at 8.30 and perhaps you could try an acai bowl, too!

“The only think I like better than talking about food is eating.” John Walters



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