The Trinity of Eggs-tasy

Malaysia has succumbed to yet another trend but this trend is edible and one I can most definitely live with – in case the title wasn’t obvious, that trend is food doused in salted egg yolk! Although Malaysians are familiar with eating dishes prepared with salted egg yolk, there has been an influx of innovative ideas of new ways to incorporate the classic flavour into various dishes that span from starters to desserts so let me take you through this three course meal, which coincidentally happens to take place within the Subang-Sunway vicinity:

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  • Starter at AMPM Cafe, Subang 

What To Order: Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

Intensity of the Salted Egg: The initial taste of the sauce may be unfamiliar to the palette: a rich flavour immersed in salt but not the usual salt we are accustomed to, instead the authentic taste of salted egg yolk that blends perfectly with the warm sweet potato!

Overall Flavours: Good

Staff Efficiency: Good – the owner was present and super attentive

Ambiance: Good – this establishment exudes comfort

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 ā€“ RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 ā€“ RM60)

Additional Information: – 

fgdf (11)

  • Main at myBurgerLab, Sunway

What To Order: Ultraman

Intensity of the Salted Egg: I am not an avid lover of burgers but upon trying this creation, I may start to be as there is much to be appreciated – the fried chicken is unbelievably juicy on the inside while remaining crisp and crunchy on the outside while the salted egg yolk sauce adds another dimension that I can’t even begin to explain so just do yourself a favour and devour this burger!

Overall Flavours: Good

Staff Efficiency: Good

Ambiance: Average – a simple establishment amidst a row of restaurants trying to stand out

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 ā€“ RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 ā€“ RM60)

Additional Information: This dish is not yet permanent on their menu so just request for the Ultraman

fgdf (9)

  • Dessert at A Pie Thing, Sunway

What To Order: Salted Egg Pie

Intensity of the Salted Egg: This pie is a favorite as I am reminded of a liu sha bao but unlike the small golden buns, I am able to taste the flavours for a longer period! The crust crumbles in all the right places while the filling hints at sweet then savoury then sweet then savoury in a delicious cycle of appreciation

Overall Flavours: Excellent

Staff Efficiency: Good

Ambiance: Average – there is nothing memorable about this restaurant except for their exceptional pies

Pricing: Cheap (RM0 ā€“ RM20) to Mid Range (RM20 ā€“ RM60)

Additional Information: Parking may be difficult depending on what time you go

P.s: thanks to my boyfriend for the creative title that I can’t take credit for 

“Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.” George Bernard Shaw

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