Photo Diary: (Good) Cafes and Restuarants in Melaka

Jonker Cafe 

Pictured below is the Nyonya Laksa at Jonker Cafe in Melaka – the broth was creamy yet spicy, which was superb!

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant

Street Food in Melaka

Located opposite Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant (the chain besides Inside Scoop) is a stall selling freshly made onde-onde so since we were in Melaka, I decided to devour the sweet dessert filled with gula melaka (palm sugar).

Melaka is also known for pineapple tarts, among a variety of Chinese pastries, of which stalls are a plenty.

The new trend seems to be watermelon juice served in a watermelon, which was refreshing and rejuvenating on a sweltering day. The selling price is RM 10, which is reasonable as the drink seemed almost endless to me!

The Baboon House 

The Baboon House had a strict policy regarding photography but nonetheless, I managed to sneak a few photos. The ambiance of this restaurant-cum-art gallery was calming as the interiors incorporated nature and art, which was a match made in heaven. The restaurant is known for their burgers but as we had just eaten, we opted for drinks instead (pictured below is the ginger kombucha for RM 10).

Backlane Cafe

This cafe houses various antique furniture and artifacts, which were unique to see – pictured below is the orange juice.

Reggae On The River 

The drink pictured below on the far left is coconut palm wine, which had a unique taste similar to Japanese sake.

Seafarer Restaurant

Due to the lighting and my impatience, the pictures below were taken with my iPhone. Seafarer Restaurant is located along the beach and guests can even dine on the beach, surrounded by candles. The seafood was incredibly fresh and each dish was filled with flavours. My friends and I ordered six dishes altogether and only had to pay RM 35 per person, which is immensely affordable for the quality and quantity.

“As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.” Michael Chang


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