Food Review: Buncit Bao Bar at Random Food Store

Here is a fluff free review of Buncit Bao Bar, Uptown Damansara:

Notable Mentions: Chinese Roast Duck Bao or Nutella Smores Bao
Overall Flavours: Good to Excellent
Staff Efficiency: Good
Ambiance: Good – minimalism at it’s finest
Pricing: Cheap (RM 0 – RM 25) to Mid Range (RM 25 – RM 60)
Tips: If you have social anxiety then visit during off-peak hours as there is only one communal table to sit at (or you can take-away)
Additional Information: My friends and I ordered a variety of baos but unfortunately could not try the lobster bao as that was unavailable. Nonetheless, the baos we did try were superb in texture and taste; the eggplant bao (which was served with a deep fried, golden bun instead) also deserves a mention as the flavour was supringly smokey, in a good way, as was the flavour of our starter (roasted lotus root chips with corn and furikake). I’m definitely returning to sample more dishes and to fulfill my Nutella bao craving (which tasted like heaven) – buncit indeed.

Lotus Root Chips with Corn

Korean Chicken Bao

Eggplant Bao

Soft Shell Crab Bao

“A house is no home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” Margaret Fuller


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