Food Review: Fittie Sense

Here is a fluff free review of Fittie Sense, Bangsar:

Notable Mentions: ‘Quinoa, Buckwheat and shiitake salad with carrot, coriander and black rice’ and ‘Zoodles’ and ‘Shepherd’s Pie’
Overall Flavours: Good to Excellent
Staff Efficiency: 
Ambiance: Lighting, lightning, and more lightning so literally the perfect spot for photos while the green interiors add a pop of colour 
Cheap (RM 0 – RM 25) to Mid Range (RM 25 – RM 60)
Tips: Located above Ojo Coffee
Additional Information: Fittie Sense just launched but is already attracting crowds and after tasting the food, I’m not surprised. The restaurant specialises in healthy food for the body and the menu is extensive, a dream location for health-conscious foodies – from coffee with coconut oil to zoodles and sugar-less ice cream, you’ll have trouble choosing what to devour; every item served was vibrant in colour and bursting with flavours. My relatives and I especially enjoyed the ‘Sheperd’s Pie’ made with sweet potato instead of a normal potato, which literally tasted like comfort – the ideal go-to whilst hungover (or unwell). I deff recommend this restaurant and stay tuned as certain items aren’t available yet but sound deletctable!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates


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