Food Review: Hoppers

Here is a fluff free review of Hoppers, Kuala Lumpur:

Notable Mentions: Slow Cooked Chickpeas Hopper or Peppery Goat Hopper
Overall Flavours: Good – each hopper offers different flavours 
Staff Efficiency:
Average – there was only one staff at the front of house and getting her attention was hard at times as she was busy with other tasks
Ambiance: Good – minimalistic interiors with a dash of Indian spices (aka posters of Indian movies hanging above the entrance) 
Cheap (RM 0 – RM 25) to Mid Range (RM 25 – RM 60)
Tips: Located along the same row as Tung Shin Hospital
Additional Information: Chinatown is currently bustling with a variety of establishments offering a unique experience for customers, immersed in minimalist interiors housed within colonial architecture while also staying true to the grit of Chinatown. Hoppers isn’t in the heart of Chinatown but isn’t far to walk to either – the entire menu is based on hoppers but side dishes are also available; the portion of one hopper is suitable for one person but only if a side dish and dessert hopper is also included (or maybe I’m just a hungry monster lol). The only negative comment I have about this restaurant is that my dessert hopper (mango) claimed to include edible flowers but the taste of the “edible” flower was nasty – I made The Fat Medic try the flower just in case I was hallucinating but she agreed (after deciding to eat the flower with the hopper, mango, and sauce instead of by itself, which is what I did). If you haven’t read about my experience cafe hopping around Chinatown then you can do so now (if you’re interested, of course).  

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” M.F.K Fisher



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