Food Review: Shake Shack

Here is a fluff free review of Shake Shack, Leicester Square:


Notable Mentions:
Overall Flavours: Average 
Staff Efficiency:
Average – you place your order then fetch your order
Ambiance: Average  
Cheap (Sterling Pound 0 – Sterling Pound 25)
Tips: There are numerous franchises so google the chain to check which location would be convenient for you
Additional Information: Maybe it’s because I haven’t entered a fast food chain in aeons or maybe it’s because I rarely eat beef nowadays but simply put, I was not impressed; definitely felt the burger was more hype than flavour but then again, I ordered the simplest burger: the cheeseburger. However, I always feel that a restaurant needs to be able to perfect even the plainest dish (insert contemplative emoji). Lovers of Shake Shack, don’t hate – those eager for the Shake Shack experience, don’t take my beef-averting-word, go and try it.

“The best stories are like the best burgers: big, juicy, and messy.” A.D. Posey


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