Photo Diary: Munching Around Munich, Germany


Viktualienmark in Munich is an outdoor (and indoor) market specialising in fresh produce – from mountain cheese to seasonal mushrooms to an assortment of olives, if you’re a foodie then come hungry because the choices are limitless!


Another day, another church tower to climb: Alter Peter, to be exact! For a small sum (3 Euros), one can climb 299 steps for a panoramic view of Munich, which was breathtaking indeed. There isn’t a fee to enter the church so do pop in as the interiors are almost as beautiful as the view of Munich.

Pictured directly below is the Chinese Tower located within the English Gardens, which, mind you, is larger than Central Park! There’s a restaurant within the vicinity of the tower but also a cafeteria-style eatery where my family and I bought lunch from. If you’re driving there, like we did, then take note that parking is available for a small sum (which I can’t remember, sorry!).


I stumbled upon Assamkirche whilst researching sights in Munich and immediately knew I had to visit; having forgotten what I was expecting due to passing time, I was awestruck upon entering the church, especially as music was being played which made the experience even more dramatic! Having said that, Assamkirche is now one of my favorite churches in the world and I obviously recommend visiting the site if you’re in Munich.


Just like in Berlin, there is a dedicated area within the city for museums but unfortunately, I only managed to visit two: Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne. Again, I used my Malaysian student identity card to score a discount so note the tip! Albeit the fact that many people raved about the Alte Pinakothek, I didn’t enjoy the vibes as there were one too many depictions of death, rape, and drunkenness so I quickly ran (literally, due to rain) over to the modern art (Pinakothek der Moderne) and felt more at ease.


β€œA person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.” Roman Payne

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