Food Review: Ethos

Here is a fluff free review of Ethos, London:

Notable Mentions: Everything!
Overall Flavours: Excellent 
Staff Efficiency:
Average to Good – my friend and I had to ask several staff regarding the flavour of the cupcakes on display but to no avail as the labels disappeared lol
Ambiance: Good – the interior theme embodies the saying “urban jungle”
Cheap (Sterling Pound 0 – Sterling Pound 25)
Additional Information: I’ve never written “everything!” under notable mentions but the selection of food at Ethos was divine, especially due to the quality and taste of the produce; furthermore, I never imagined uttering the words “too much icing” but that’s exactly what my friend and I said to one another whilst devouring the cupcake, which consisted of icing that tasted like gula melaka (insert shocked face emoji here). Ethos specialises in offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food choices which are served buffet style so basically you take a plate, fill it up, weigh it, and pay according to the weight – my plate costed 13 Sterling Pounds, for those wondering.

“You are what what you eat eats.” Michael Pollan

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