Photo Diary: Half A Day to Experience Koln, Germany






If you’re wondering where to devour ice-cream in such a setting as pictured above then just pop by Bar Schmitz in Koln for a delectable selection of ice-cream flavours! Besides that, I also recommend visiting Sankt Martin Kirche (Great St. Martin Church) as the exterior of the church is covered in greenery and just around the corner you can find vintage pastel coloured houses (pictured above) – that must be every Instagrammer’s dream, right?






As I was leaving Koln via train, I decided to visit the famous Koln Cathedral last as it’s literally located opposite the main train station! Entrance to the church is free but of course a small donation is suggested – the inside of the church is actually huge so I recommend 15-30 minutes within the church. If you haven’t read my review of Munich and Bath then you might not know how it became a trend for me to climb church towers but now that you do know, you won’t be surprised at the fact that I also climbed the church tower of the Koln Cathedral for 4 Euros. This climb was actually the most strenuous as there were 533 steps involved and considering I’m (kinda) scared of heights, it did feel daunting at times but I forced myself to only look up and the view was definitely worth it!




“Anybody can be an explorer if they want to be. You can be an astronaut if you want. Figure out what you want to do, and then go do it” Helen Thayer


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