Travel Review: Perth Properties

Whilst in Perth, Western Australia, my family and I switched from the city centre to the outskirts of the city, opting for a beach-friendly location instead. If you’re visiting Perth, or just passing through Western Australia, then I would highly recommend staying in Clarkson – not only is it cost effective but it’s also nearby the city and the ocean; a definite win/win for all.

Perth Properties

How To Get There: Either via car or via train to Clarkson Station

Currency: Australian Dollar

What To Expect: Predominately a suburb, Clarkson is a comfortable location for various reasons – mainly due to all-types of amenities within walking or driving distance, such as: parks, harbours, barbers, banks, gyms, restaurants, malls, and more; basically just like Perth City but on a smaller scale and with the ocean in lieu of museums.

I’ll be sharing information on a few properties in Clarkson, owned by the same people – a fellow Malaysian, Normi, and her South African husband, Darryl. Trust me, once you check-out you wish you had neighbours as cool as them in real life hence why I’m recommending three of their properties as each is unlike the other; except for the hospitality and the detail each property shares in common, such as: a fully equipped kitchen (the Asian in me was thankful for the rice cooker), lounge, balcony, shared alfresco courtyard with BBQ equipment, parking, and much more!

The first property, a studio apartment can be booked via this link. Below are photographs of said studio apartment.

The second property, a two-bedroom unit can be booked via this link. Below are photographs of said two-bedroom unit.

The third property, aptly titled as a ‘hideaway’ can be booked via this link. Below are photographs of said ‘hideaway’.

Additional Information: Depending on your flexibility, there are numerous seaside areas to choose from nearby, such as Quinn’s Beach, Mindarie Harbour, Hillary Harbour, Scarborough Beach etcetera; my family and I coasted along the infamous ‘sunset drive’ which is definitely a must-do if you have time and appreciate the ocean.

Price: Cheap to Mid-Range, depending on accommodation chosen

Other Recommendations: If you’re a dog-lover then you need to visit Quinn’s Dog Beach – I never had the chance to visit a dog beach until then and I must say, it felt as if I was in heaven, even more so when I began swimming with the cutest sausage dog ever! Fun tip: spot her in the photos above 🐶

“My favourite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean.” Nina Arianda

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