Food Review: Sushi Kitchen

Here is a fluff free review of Sushi Kitchen, Kota Damansara:

Notable Mentions: Sushi Kitchen Inari
Overall Flavours: Excellent
Staff Efficiency: Good

Ambiance: Average
Cheap (RM 0 ā€“ RM 25) to Mid Range (RM 25 ā€“ RM 60)
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Additional Information: Sushi Kitchen, established in 2009, was the first plant-based restaurant specialising in sushi in Malaysia. Unlike other vegan Japanese restaurants, Sushi Kitchen does not use mock meat, focusing instead only on vegetables. While my boyfriend was initially skeptical as he’s not the biggest fan of vegetables, he left the restaurant entirely satisfied and wanting more. As it was our first time at Sushi Kitchen in Kota Damansara, we over-ordered with the intention to take-away what was left which honestly, was not much as everything was flavourful – seriously, even the potato wedges were perfectly seasoned! The highlight for me was definitely the Sushi Kitchen Inari as I love the texture and mild sweetness of Inari; paired with the crunch of the ‘chicken floss’ and the copious amounts of vegan mayo, it was a party in my mouth. Other notable mentions at Sushi Kitchen would be the ‘chicken floss’ fried rice, the deep fried sushi, and the ‘Happy Spicy’ noodles (which was reminiscent of hot and sour soup). Another major reason to visit Sushi Kitchen would be because it filters its water using the method of Dr. Masaru Emoto – if you’re unfamiliar with his work, I really recommend researching more.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian.” Linda McCartney

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