Tips and Tricks: Unknown (Nature) Destinations within Malaysia

For this segment of ‘tips and tricks’, I shall be sharing information on three (mostly) unknown destinations within Malaysia that are captivating but also secluded!

Kg Kemensah Waterfall, Hulu Kelang


The reason I listed this waterfall amongst the countless other waterfalls is because this destination is near the heart of Kuala Lumpur so easily accessible by most, as compared to the grander waterfalls which require two or even three hours of driving. The waterfall has two tiers so I’d recommend going there early as the first tier is almost secluded, hidden by rock formations, trees and overflowing water (which was surprisingly, pleasantly cold)! Pictured below is a rather bad image of the tier formation:


Tips: The waterfall is situated next to an ATV rental and there is a large sign that reads ‘Kemensah Chalet & Waterfall’ as there are also chalets to rent. When we passed the sign, there was a man sitting nearby that asked for a small sum of money but I can’t verify if the fee is legitimate or a get-rich-fast scheme…

Mirror Lake, Ipoh


This destination is in Ipoh and although the lake isn’t swimmable, the atmosphere is tranquil yet thrilling – perfect for a picnic but considering the distance of the drive, this destination should be a location to visit during a day-trip to Ipoh.


Tips: The location on Waze is accurate albeit the fact that there’s a gate shunning entry as the location is also a quarry – trust me, just walk past, besides, or under the gate and keep walking uphill, maintaining right, until you see a small opening in a cave, which is the entry point to the lake.


Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands


This destination looks and feels like a scene from an enchanted fairy tale as every tree you walk by is (literally) covered with moss and due to the altitude, there is mist that moves mysteriously with the wind. Situated at 6,667 feet, the forest is aswarm with wild flora and fauna; unfortunately, there was a drizzle that escalated into rain when I visited so I couldn’t fully explore the forest.


Tips: The drive is uphill and along rough terrain so bring a car that can handle the constant bumps and potholes!


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

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