Photo Diary: Life on Dhiffushi Island, Maldives

The way of life on Dhifushi Island is simple, with most houses door-less – an open invitation instead. The people are innovative, thriving in an environment unlike the typical city, and present, often seen relaxing on a reclining chair made from strings and steel.

I first stumbled upon this flower outside of Air Dhiffushi and was immediately taken so to my surprise, was able to witness the tree shedding itself of the bright yellow flowers daily, falling into the interior and exterior compound of Air Dhiffushi.

The islanders traditionally incorporate coral into their architecture, as a replacement of brick.

Friday and Saturday is their weekend as Sunday is a working day so we witnessed locals playing football and wandering around.

I bought 10 seashells for 1USD – the local women visit the beach every morning to collect the seashells that washed ashore.

Our host Koke (pictured below, left), explained that on Dhiffushi the trees are marked with numbers as a proclamation of belonging to a specific person; the reason for this is Β so that if a tree is cut, the owner can claim for reparation.

“Island days, island ways, surf, sand, and sunny rays.” Anonymous


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