Photo Diary: A Riverside Bungalow for 6$ (under 25MYR) p/n in Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw, Laos, is a sleepy village set amidst mountainous terrain and the perfect place to put your feet up – in a hammock on your balcony, that is! Connected to nearby villages by the Nam Ou river, there are numerous riverside bungalows to choose from but I recommend Bamboo Paradise; for 50,000 Laotian Kip (23MYR/6$) per night, you have a view of the river and the mountains from your private balcony. Besides that, you have a double bed, hot water, and wifi – basically a budget backpackers dream, or at least my solo-female travelling dream.

Whilst there are activities to embark on, such as kayaking or visiting caves, I have mainly been enjoying the breeze and the butterflies flying by my balcony. However, I did do one thing and this should definitely be your one thing, too: hike to the view point of Nong Khiaw.

The ‘view point’ hike has an entrance fee of 20,000 Laotian Kip and requires an hour (or 1.5, if you’re not a regular hiker) to ascend – it is sometimes steep and I did have to stop to catch my breath but the view is definitely worth it! Plus, descending is always faster and only took me 45 minutes or less.

“Laos is not a place, it’s a mindset.” Tiziano Terzani

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