Photo Diary: Going From Bangkok to Ayutthaya Via Train

Since I’m on a budget, I decided to visit Ayutthaya via train; the Thai railway system interconnects various regions efficiently and affordably. In fact, the (third class) ticket from Bangkok to Ayutthaya costs a mere 20 Baht (around 2 MYR) – of course, excluding air conditioning and allocated seats.

After arriving in Ayutthaya, my friends and I exited the train station then walked towards the pier as almost all sights are in the old area – crossing costs just 5 Baht. Once we arrived, we contemplated on modes of transport but agreed on sharing the costs of a tuk-tuk: 200 Baht per hour.

Ayutthaya was a trading port and thus, has various styles of influence from around the world – not to mention, endless temples, museums, art galleries etc to explore. As it was a day-trip, we visited the famous temples and the Chao San Praya museum.

“Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train” Charles Barkley

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