Photo Diary: Pattering Around Patan

Despite a 30-day visa and a 28-day yoga teacher training course (which you can read about here), I still managed to visit Patan, the neighbouring city to Kathmandu, across the river. After venturing around Thamel, really just a clash of bodies (locals and tourists alike), in Kathmandu, Patan was a literal breath of fresh air – seriously, I didn’t have to compete with others because there were hardly others, just some locals here and there minding their own business. Not only that but the streets are wider, polished placards brand sights with English explanations, and Durbar Square Patan is more impressive (in my opinion), or at least more worth the entrance fee. If possible, I definitely recommend staying in Patan and visiting Kathmandu as a day-trip!

Whilst in Patan, Nana Yala Chhen was my accommodation of choice. Situated within walking distance of Durbar Square Patan, Nana Yala Chhen is surrounded by mini temples with intricate details, colourful street art in the form of photographs or graffiti, a demon-made lake (you read that right), and most importantly, affordable restaurants – most pictured below. A few other reasons I’d recommend Nana Yala Chhen: friendly staff that are also helpful, affordable private rooms, and local made chocolate (pictured above) benefiting the local economy!

“You can take my body out of Nepal but you can never take my soul and heart from Nepal” Suraj Dahal

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