Photo Diary: Hawker Scene, Penang

Nasi Kandar Merlin, Penang

This restaurant was recommended by my relatives, whom I consider to be connoisseur’s, and although I visited with the intention to devour their infamous fish roe curry, that dish was unavailable during our visit as it isn’t prepared daily; nonetheless, what my family and I ate was scrumptious! Pictured above is hard-boiled eggs, pappadam (a typical accompaniment), fried fish, prawns, squid stuffed with boiled egg, and lamb. I’d suggest arriving before 12.30 as the lunch crowd results in many dishes being sold out.

Kedai Kopi New Cathay

The appam (pictured above) was my favorite dish from Kedai Kopi New Cathay, a hawker centre; I definitely preferred the appam with egg and suggest adding soy sauce and pepper atop the egg.

The woman pictured below was preparing noodles for a dish known as Pan Mee (which typically features pork).

“I get way too much happiness from good food.” Elizabeth Olsen

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