Photo Diary: Hippie Vibes in Brighton, England


My visit to Brighton was another impromptu decision after plans were cancelled and the reason I chose Brighton was because I have a cousin based there; I hadn’t been to Brighton in more than five years so completely forgot what the city was like but was pleasantly surprised. First stop, as per recommendation of my cousin? The Lanes, which, evidently, are numerous narrow lanes home to local independent vendors – I literally had to force myself to leave in order to avoid becoming broke as I wanted to buy everything! I love supporting local communities and appreciate craftsmanship, specifically related to jewelry (my weakness), so if you feel the same, The Lanes should be your go-to as there are unending organic or fair-trade products on offer while antique stores are also aplenty. Another bonus? The smell of incense wafting through the air, with crystals glimmering under the sunlight and vibrant colours screaming “look at me” – yes, I’m a crystal collector so this was my slice of heaven.

After managing to drag myself away I, of course, stumbled onto a craft fair hosted within a church (pictured below)!

Side note: you can read about my other impromptu adventure here.


Prior to visiting, I hadn’t the foggiest that the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery was (and is) home to ancient Egyptian artefacts, like actual freaking mummies; I’m mesmerised by the ancient Egyptian culture so felt blessed to have been able to witness those artefacts, especially considering Egypt has banned other countries from removing artefacts but luckily those exhibited at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery were discovered before that law! I definitely recommend visiting as the museum has such a diverse collection of exhibits šŸ™‚



Walking along the (pebble) beach meant I could devour fresh oysters for just 1 Sterling Pound!




ā€œA good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.ā€ Lao Tzu

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