Travel Review: Taman Sari in Hulu Langat, Malaysia

In case you haven’t realised, I’m obsessed with nature and rarely need an excuse to venture into the outdoors but as I’m currently in Perth until the end of December, I decided to use Christmas as a reason to stay at a nearby retreat with friends.ย Located in Hulu Langat, Taman Sari consists of two private villas, The Bothy and The Cottage, both nestled within the jungle – as there were five of us, we decided to rent both villas. Before I start rambling on about the ineffable beauty of the greenery surrounding the compound, here’s a travel review on:

Taman Sari

How To Get There: The best mode of transport would be via car but if you’re a visiting tourist, an Uber or Grab should be able to bring you to the location without damaging your wallet as it’s just 45 minutes away from town

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

What To Expect:ย The owner and host of the property, Affa, definitely undersold Taman Sari, which was a pleasant surprise for my friends and I as we weren’t expecting such a large area to roam. Not only were we surrounded by a limitless range of iridescent flora and fauna but we also had the option of relaxing in a plunge pool nearby The Bothy – with the water sourced from a local river stream nearby.

For those wary of cold water, there’s a ‘Chinese Garden’ with a pond – so instead of dipping in, you can just observe the colorful fishes swimming around; even though I haven’t visited New Zealand, the entrance to the ‘Chinese Garden’ definitely made me feel like I was in Hobbiton.

If you aren’t already thinking about how the villas scream Bali then I’m here to tell you that the ambiance at Taman Sari exudes serious Balinese feels. Affa artistically littered the compound with traditional Indonesian statues but didn’t limit it to just one kind, as statues of all shapes and sizes can be found around Taman Sari – perfect for those keen on treasure-hunting!

Oh and did I mention there’s a chicken coop filled with rescued chickens?

Additional Information: We were greeted upon arrival by Affa, who took the time to show us around the compound – explaining and answering our questions as we went along. Although Taman Sari advertises just two villas, there are actually two other off-limit villas – just as tastefully designed and decorated that you can’t help but stop to take photos.

Pictured below are photographs of The Bothy, which can host two people.

Pictured below are photographs of The Cottage, which can host four people.

Price: Cheap to Mid Range, depending on your budget and accommodation chosen

Other Recommendations: Although there’s a kampung (village) nearby with a local mini-mart, do ensure that you bring everything you need beforehand – such as cash, medicine, food, sufficient supply of cigarettes if you’re a smoker et cetera.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

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