Photo Diary: Seeing Surreal Slovenia

Whilst backpacking solo through Europe, I randomly chose to visit Slovenia – specifically Ljubljana and Bled as I was short on time. Upon arriving in Ljubljana, I was pleasantly surprised as I was unaware of the Austrian influence which has contributed, mainly, to the architecture style and taste of food. I also really appreciated how compact Ljubljana was, meaning I could explore all the main sights within a short span of time (and with the help of a free walking tour). After visiting what I wanted to, I even had time to visit Bled. 

Bled is around one hour from Ljubljana, meaning day-trips are more than possible! Why should you visit? Well, the fact that the local bus only costs EUR 6.30 (one-way) is definitely an incentive and if not for the ease of access then for the fact that Bled is home to the infamous Lake Bled. Again, I did not expect to be as in awe of the scenery surrounding Lake Bled as I was. If you’re a lover of nature, like me, then do yourself a favour and just buy that bus ticket! Bonus: Bled is proud of its vanilla custard cake which my friend, Nadia, and I happily devoured – twice.

I certainly wish that I was able to explore Slovenia for longer but since the country now has my heart, I will definitely return ASAP. If you’re searching for a dreamy getaway without hoards of tourists and in a place that speaks English then Slovenia should be your go to! I actually visited Prague shortly after and have to admit that I preferred Slovenia over it due to how filled to the brim Prague was – not to mention, how un-compact the city is.

β€œThere are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign” Robert Louis Stevenson

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