Photo Diary: Lake Hopping Around Salzburg, Austria



Salzburg is within the vicinity of various lakes, which my family and I decided to visit; wanting to avoid crowds, we chose to visit Fuschl Am See. After scouring the ‘city’, we found a restaurant located along the water (of which there are many) that offered fresh mussels, which was an immediate duh for my family because foodies. We then went to unwind at the public swimming pool (Fuschlseebad), which had access to the (freezing) lake.

After a relaxing start to the day, my father decided to point at the map as a way of choosing our next location, which then became Attersee; without even knowing, we happened upon a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for prehistoric pile dwellings, in Attersee. Not only that, but Gustav Klimt used to frequently vacation in Attersee – talk about luck! As if that wasn’t enough of a successful trip, we then dined atop a mountain which you can read about here.




“You will only know the road, until you have travel on it.” Lailah Gifty Akita

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